How to Paint a Ceiling the Same Color As the Walls

In some cases, extending a paint colour from the walls of a room to its ceiling can enlarge the appearance of a small space. And in other cases, painting ceiling and walls the same colour lends a welcome simplicity to an interior decor. Whatever the reasoning behind the design choice, painting the walls and ceiling of a room the same colour is a simple task.

Select and purchase an interior latex paint in your preferred colour. Be sure to purchase an adequate amount of paint to cover all wall and ceiling surfaces twice, in case you need to apply a second coat to cover all areas completely.

Cover all exposed areas of flooring and furniture with plastic dust sheets to guard carpets and furniture from paint spatter.

Cover all mouldings with painter's tape. Be sure to tape only the mouldings and not the wall surfaces. The tape protects the mouldings and creates a nice smooth edge of paint.

Remove all light fixtures from the ceiling and walls as well as electrical socket covers and light switches.

Paint the corners and edges of the room and around the various pieces of moulding with the selected paint using the 1 1/2-inch paintbrush. Be sure to paint entire corners, from the floor moulding to the ceiling, as well as the edges where the walls and the ceiling meet circling the entire circumference of the room. If necessary apply a second coat of paint once the first has dried completely.

Apply the paint to the remaining areas of the ceiling and walls with a paint roller, beginning with the ceiling and then working around the walls of the room. Be sure to cover all exposed ceiling and wall areas, checking periodically to ensure an even application of paint across the surfaces. Apply a second coat of paint if necessary once the first coat of paint has dried completely.

When all the paint has completely dried, remove all of the painter's tape and plastic dust sheets from the room and discard. Reattach the light fixtures as well as the outlet covers.


If you need to match paint for a ceiling to an existing wall colour, use paint swatches to find the appropriate shade. Consult the specialists at your paint store, who may be able to mix custom hues for you. Depending on the colour of paint that is being used, as well as the surface that is being covered, it might be necessary to purchase a paint primer to be applied prior to the new latex paint. Consult the specialists at your paint store to determine if this a necessary step for your circumstances. To apply primer, simply follow the same steps as for paint application.


Use extreme caution if using a ladder to paint the ceiling surfaces. If possible, it is much safer to purchase an extendable arm paint brush roller to complete the ceiling. Be sure to wear safety goggles when applying paint to the ceiling to prevent paint from falling into your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Interior latex paint of choice
  • Painter's tape
  • Plastic dust sheets
  • Paint brush, 1 1/2 inches wide
  • Paint roller with an extendable arm to reach ceiling
  • Safety goggles
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