How to Attach a Privacy Fence to a Chain-Link Fence

Updated July 20, 2017

A chain-link fence can look like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers installed it -- in other words, it's been put in to stay. Chain-link fences are strictly utilitarian in appearance and offer very little in the way of privacy. There is a way to alter the appearance of a chain-link fence so that it offers both security and privacy and even beauty. Attaching a privacy fence to a chain-link fence is a fun project with instant results.

Select a colour and pattern of privacy slat that coordinates with the house. Privacy slats are thin, flexible, UV-resistant slats that get woven through the chain links of the fence, offering an opaque or semi-opaque screen.

Weave the individual slats in and out of the chain-link fence as though weaving a basket. Make sure the angle-cut ends are pointing down toward the ground.

Finish the look of the fence off by adding a safety cap to the top pointed prongs of the chain-link fence.

Purchase rolls of natural bamboo rolled fencing or reed fencing and black-plastic zip ties.

Unroll the fencing along the front of the chain-link fence. Take spring clamps and periodically, along the length of the rolled fencing, clamp the top of the fencing to the chain-link fence to hold it in position. Be sure that the bottom of the rolled fencing is not touching the ground or concrete to prevent rotting.

Stand at the back of the chain-link fencing and take a plastic zip tie and weave it in and around a strip of bamboo or a couple widths of reed. Pull the end of the zip tie back through the bamboo or reed, and then back through the chain-link fence.

Pull the zip tie close around part of the chain-link fence to secure the rolled bamboo or reed fencing tightly to the chain-link fence.

Place at least three zip ties along a vertical line of the rolled fencing. Continue to tie the rolled fencing to the chain-link fence every foot to give good support.


Use black zip ties instead of white because black can ward off UV rays better, which means they will last longer. Speak to neighbours before installing a privacy fence so they understand why you are adding it.

Things You'll Need

  • Privacy slats
  • Safety caps
  • Rolled bamboo or reed
  • 6 spring clamps
  • Black zip ties
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