How to Get Surface Scratches Out of Arborite Table Tops

Arborite is a durable, high-pressure laminate that resists impact damage and scratches under normal use. However, it can be scratched and damaged if not used properly. According to Arborite, fillers such as SeamFil can be used to repair small dents and scratches.

Pour some SF-99 solvent on a cloth and clean the Arborite table top surface. SF-99 is guaranteed to work with the SeamFil whereas other cleaners with different chemical composition may react adversely with the SeamFil.

Squeeze some SeamFil on scrap laminate. You should be using the SeamFil that matches the colour of your Arborite table top. Use the colour matching guide on the Kampel website to find the correct colour.

Mix the SeamFil with the putty knife until it starts to thicken.

Spread the thickened SeamFil over the scratches. Remove excess SeamFil with the cloth moistened with SF-99 solvent. The SeamFil should harden immediately. If there is some shrinkage, repeat steps two through four one hour later.


Mixing the SeamFil allows the solvents to evaporate, causing it to thicken and be easier to spread. It also helps reduce shrinkage.


Always close the tube of SeamFil tightly as the mixture could harden if left open. Additionally, do not apply the SeamFil directly from the tube as excess shrinkage may occur.

Things You'll Need

  • SeamFil by Kampel Enterprises
  • SF-99 Solvent by Kampel Enterprises
  • Putty knife
  • Scrap laminate
  • Cloth
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