How to Prune Young Weeping Willow Trees

Updated February 21, 2017

Weeping Willows are a hearty variety of deciduous trees that typically grow in the Northern hemisphere though they are found throughout the world. These trees are very fast growing and provide a significant amount of shade with their weeping whip-like branches. Pruning a Weeping Willow tree is not recommended or necessary due to the fast growth rate of these trees, however, if you wish to shape your Weeping Willow tree, pruning should be done while the tree is still in its youth growth stage.

Cut away growth from the centre of the tree trunk and at the immediate root area from the tree. Suckers will spring out near the base of the tree along the roots. Trim these away from the parent root completely. Use pruning shears for these small branches and stems.

Cut off any longer branches that appear close to the ground. You may need a pruning saw for thinker branches or shears for thin whip-like branches

Taper the shape of the tree by pruning any bushy branch growth during late fall. The tree will hold this shape throughout the winter and return to the pruned shape in early spring.


Prune in Autumn after all the leaves have fallen away for best results.


Prune during the first four years of tree growth and do not continue after the fifth year. This may stunt the Weeping Willow growth

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Pruning saw
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