How to Lower Fsh Levels in Men

Updated April 07, 2017

Follicle stimulating hormone, or FSH, is typically discussed during fertility treatments. In women, this hormone increases the productions of follicles on the ovaries in order to release an egg at ovulation. In men, levels of FSH can indicate how well the testicles are functioning. High levels of FSH in a man can indicate problems with fertility. While the high FSH level is not the cause of infertility, addressing the factor which has caused the high FSH can lower the level of FSH present in the blood.

Discontinue any medication which may affect your FSH level, such as clomiphene. Certain medications used to treat conditions like oligospermia, or a low semen volume, can increase the levels of FSH and cause an incorrectly high result on FSH tests.

Talk to your doctor about hormone therapy to decrease FSH levels. If your high FSH is due to a pituitary malfunction, the levels of FSH may be suppressed by treatment with synthetic hormones.

Have an examination performed to search for damage to the testicles. Men who have undergone trauma or damage to their testicles may not produce sperm correctly, which can raise FSH levels. An ultrasound examination may indicate the problem areas, allowing them to be repaired surgically. Once repaired, FSH levels and sperm production can normalise.


High FSH may be a symptom of a serious problem; in many cases, it is not correctable through drugs or surgery.

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