How to Estimate the Cost of Spinal Fusion

Updated April 13, 2017

A spinal fusion is a procedure often used after other minimally invasive treatment options have failed to stabilise the spine. It fuses vertebrae together with grafts, rods and screws. If you are considering spinal fusion, it is important to estimate the cost before agreeing to a procedure, whether you have insurance or not. This can help you determine what your financial liability may be after having a spinal fusion. There are many variables that affect the estimated cost of a spinal fusion.

Contact the hospital to find out the cost of a spinal fusion, including the operating room, hospital room and any other additional costs. Depending on the rate per hour for a room and other costs, the cost of the operating room and a one day hospital stay could be around £45,500.

Speak with your spine specialist or neurosurgeon to discuss billing information. There's normally a spine specialist and an assistant in the operating room, as well as several nurses. Any support staff during your spine surgery will probably be billed separately.

Request information from the anesthesiologist's office about who will provide anaesthesia and ask for a rough cost estimate of the spinal fusion. Anaesthesia and the costs of administering the anaesthesia will vary depending on the length of the procedure and post-operative monitoring.

Contact the neuro-diagnostic team that will monitor your spinal activity throughout the procedure. The fees may be approximately £3,250 to £6,500.

Speak with your physician about whether physiotherapy might be necessary within a couple months after the procedure. Calculate these additional costs and contact your insurance provider.

Add these numbers together for a final total. Do not be surprised if they exceed £65,000. Spinal fusion can be an expensive procedure.


Make sure that you know how much your deductible is, the amount of your surgery co-pay, and how much of the procedure cost you will need to pay upfront.


Make sure that your insurance company will cover your procedure.

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