How to Change BMW Wipers

Updated July 19, 2017

Windshield wiper blades are essential equipment on any BMW. As wipers age, the rubber that wipes the rain off and keeps the windshield clean can dry out and crack, resulting in poor performance. Eventually, worn wipers can even damage a windshield. Having a fresh set of wipers on your BMW makes the vehicle safer by increasing outward visibility, particularly when it is raining. BMW recommends changing the blades once a year using OEM Bosch replacements, not cheap aftermarket blades.

Pull the wiper arms up extend them on their hinges.

Inspect the clip that holds the wiper blade on. This will vary depending on the year and model, but all windshield wiper clips are similar.

Remove the wiper by sliding the clip off of the arm of the wiper. You may have to rotate the wiper towards or away from the car to get it to release from the wiper arm.

Clean the windshield thoroughly while the arms are elevated away from the window.

Match the existing clip that holds the wiper on with the clips that come with the new wiper. Most wipers will have a variety of clips to choose from. Choose the identical clip or at least the most similar. Some wipers will be ready to install.

Install the clip onto the new wipers.

Slide the wiper's clip onto the wiper arm. You should here and feel and audible click as the clip engages. Ensure that the wiper blade is not binding or incorrectly installed and is facing the proper direction with the rubber surface facing the windshield.

Place the wiper arms back against the windshield.

Things You'll Need

  • New windshield wipers
  • Windex
  • Rags
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