How To Import Swedish Log Cabins From Europe

Updated July 19, 2017

For centuries, Swedes have elevated their log cabin dwellings to a cultural institution. The materials and design of Swedish log cabins make them thermally efficient buildings that safeguard against long, harsh Scandinavian winters. The tradition of log cabin construction endures, as Swedish architectural firms regularly create modern updates of these houses. And because of their refined nature, genuine Swedish log cabins have become a popular export. Import one by researching suppliers and obtaining building authorisation.

Select a location. Choose a rural property that has level land and proper water drainage. To make a decision based on your best real-estate interests, select a site that is not depreciating in value.

Contact a manufacturer. Various modular home distributors throughout the world retail log cabins that arrive as kits from Sweden.

Choose a model. Pick a Swedish log cabin model or configuration and customise it to best suit your needs. Take the proper measures to ensure that the home will comply with your state's building regulations.

Secure a building permit. Obtain a building permit application from your municipality and have the manufacturer representative fill out any relevant sections. Submit the application for approval with necessary documentation like certified blueprints and a lot survey.

Import the Swedish log cabin you have chosen. Work with your manufacturer to coordinate delivery of your log cabin to your building site. Expect your cabin to be shipped from overseas and sent to your location by rail.

The Swedish log cabin will arrive at your location in sections that will be assembled under the supervision of trained craftsmen from your manufacturer. Because it is pre-fabricated, construction can be completed in as little as two weeks.


Swedish log cabins have high visibility in the United States, so it's best to educate yourself about options before meeting with a manufacturer. Shelter blogs like Remodelista occasionally profile modern Swedish log cabins. Incidentally, there's also a 17-century Swedish-style log cabin that's preserved as a historic landmark in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Because the trees indigenous to Sweden are slow growing, the log cabin timber harvested from them has enhanced durability and density. But if the importation of an authentic Swedish log cabin proves to be cost prohibitive, consider buying a domestic modular home that has Scandinavian influences. The options are limitless, especially considering that the United States has 200 modular home manufacturers that produce 40,000 houses annually.


As with all construction projects, account for unexpected financial setbacks with an inflated budget. The overseas transportation of a Swedish log cabin is an expensive process in itself, and unforeseen costs may be incurred during construction.

Things You'll Need

  • Building location
  • Modular home distributor
  • Swedish log cabin kit
  • Building permit
  • Trained craftsmen
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