How to Use a Drop Weight Stringing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

The drop weight stringing machine is one of three types of stringing machines used to string tennis, badminton and squash rackets. This machine is very popular because it is reasonably priced and very portable.However, care and accuracy is required to produce a good string job. Although there are many brands on the market, they all operate in a similar way.

Take your racket and slide the two middle frame support posts of the stringing machine to fit the size of your racket head and lock the posts. The support posts should be inside the frame of the racket. If you have a two point mounting system, these are the only two points where the racket will be supported during stringing. If your machine has a six point mounting system, slide the other four frame supports to snug the racket at four shoulder points on the outside of the racket and lock into place. The racket frame should now be secure enough so that if you grasp the handle and try to move it, it does not move.

Loosen the knob located on the drop weight, slide the weight to the desired tension mark on the tension bar and lock the drop weight. The front of the drop weight, closest to the gripper, should be positioned at the tension mark on the bar. Make sure to use the recommended tension for your specific racket.

Take your string and start by threading the string ends through the two centre holes at one end of the frame and pull through to the opposite holes of the racket frame. Use one of the two clamps that came with the stringing machine and clamp one of the strings. While holding the tension bar up so that it is not horizontal, take the free string and tightly wrap it clockwise around the gripper drum once and then in between the gripper jaws. Turn the gripper drum until all the slack is out of the string and the gripper jaws have a good hold on the string.

Hold the gripper drum with your hand and allow the tension bar to lower using it's own weight. If the bar lowers below horizontal, raise the bar back up and repeat the process of wrapping the string around the gripper drum and in between the gripper jaws making sure to get all the slack out of the string.

Observe the tension arm as it lowers. When it comes to rest in the horizontal position, the correct tension has been achieved. Clamp the string you just pulled with the second clamp. Repeat this process for all of the main and cross strings using the correct stringing pattern for your specific racket. Use pliers to tie off the last pulled string with a snug knot. Loosen all frame supports and posts to remove the racket.


Keeping the clamps and gripper jaws clean will help to avoid the string from slipping during tensioning and clamping.


When tensioning the string, keep your fingers away from the gripper jaws.

Things You'll Need

  • Drop weight stringing machine
  • Racket
  • Racket string
  • Pliers
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