How to Detect Recording Devices

Updated February 21, 2017

If you suspect that someone is spying on you, you might want to know how to detect spy devices. There are tools you can use, which are essentially high-frequency scanners, that will tell you when someone is watching you or listening in on your conversations. These tools can be used to detect cameras, cell phones or microphones.

Choose your radio frequency (RF) scanner. There are a number of scanners available that will detect both audio and video transmissions of both wired and wireless devices. These devices come in various sizes and strengths. Some of them will fit on a key chain while the more professional ones will fit in the palm of your hand. As of 2009, these devices range in price from £32 to £455, depending on your needs.

Scan your office or home using a spy detection device. These are very easy to use. You simply wave it around the area that you wish to scan and when it detects a signal-transmitting device on a high frequency, such as those emitted by a cellular phone or peeping camera, an LED will light up and there will be a beeping sound that will become more rapid as the signal gets stronger.

Adjust the device to your preference. Some scanners can detect both digital and analogue signals and will detect signals from 1-6 GHZ, which is typically the frequency people use to communicate. Some scanners can be set to vibrate mode so that you do not alert those who are listening that they are being scanned. This way you can provide misinformation if you want.

Things You'll Need

  • A radio frequency (RF) detection device
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