How to Get Rid of Hardened Ear Wax in Ear Canal

Ear wax is a necessary protector for our ears. Wax in the ear canal traps tiny particles of dirt and dust before they reach the delicate inner ear. Usually the wax travels to the outer ear, where it can be removed easily with a tissue. However, there are times when wax hardens and becomes impacted in the ear canal. This can cause pain and hearing loss, and possibly speech delays. There is a natural way to soften hardened wax in the ear canal.

Fill a medicine dropper with baby oil.

Place your head sideways on a table, ear facing up.

Have a friend put 2 drops of baby oil in your ear to soften wax. It is safer to have someone help you soften your ear wax.

Lift your head to drain excess oil from the ear. The remaining oil will soften the wax and slip it away, out of the ear canal.

Place your head back on the table, with the same ear up. Have the friend fill a syringe with room-temperature water and drop water into your ear. Lift your head to drain water and remaining wax from your ear. Repeat two or three times before turning to the other ear.

Set a blow dryer to the cool air setting. Hold the dryer 6 inches from ear to dry.


Do not squeeze the syringe when squirting water into the ear; let it drop into the ear canal. Repeat the process one to two times per day for five days as needed.


Never put a medical dropper, syringe (or any other object) directly into the ear canal; this can cause wax to be pushed back further down into ear canal. If your ear wax problem persists, see a doctor for an irrigation procedure Do not remove ear wax if you have an ear infection, damaged eardrum or pain in the ears. If you notice hearing loss or ringing in your ears, see your doctor

Things You'll Need

  • Baby oil
  • Medicine dropper
  • Table
  • Water, room temperature
  • Syringe
  • Blow dryer
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