How to write a baby shower card

Updated April 17, 2017

A baby shower is a time to celebrate new life and give the mother-to-be encouragement and best wishes. The presents are always appreciated, but it is the card that will be kept for years to come or even put into the new baby’s scrapbook. Picking the best card and writing the sentiments you wish to convey isn’t as easy as you may think, but with some thought and consideration it will be much treasured.

Choose the appropriate baby shower card from among stationery. If the parents know the sex of the baby, it is appropriate to use a card specific to a baby boy or girl. If the baby is a delivery, surprise pick a gender neutral card. Make sure you pick a card for a “shower” and not a congratulatory card for the baby’s arrival.

Choose the card that holds the best sentiment for you. If it is a shower for one of your closest friends, put in your own words or even use a poem or verse. If it is for a colleague, acquaintance or someone you aren’t very close to, you may feel more comfortable picking a more generic shower card.

When writing in the card, always use an ink pen, never anything too scratchy. An ink pen is more formal and shows you have put as much effort into the card as the gift. Most mothers will treasure their baby shower cards as wonderful memories. Include the date and year in the left-hand bottom of the card. This will be a nice reminder in years to come of the occasion.

Always make sure you address the outside of the card, and include the names of both parents (if a joint shower) and their first and last names, or nicknames. On the inside of the card use first name(s). When expressing your best wishes, it is easier to leave it light and short. Often the nicest sentiments are, “Best wishes for a healthy, happy bundle of joy” or “Looking forward to meeting the new arrival.” If you do want to leave a longer message, use the blank space on the left-hand side of the card.

Leave your signature eligible so the mother-to-be is not left guessing later on who the card was from.


Never include cash in your card. It is OK to put a gift card or personal check inside, but cash is a bit too informal and could easily be misplaced. If you don’t know the mother all that well and yet wish to convey your willingness to help when the baby arrives, leave a note with your contact details and express that she can contact you anytime. If the shower is for a co-worker that you may not be that familiar with, do put your last name in brackets when signing the card. This may avoid any confusion or embarrassment when it comes time for the recipient to write thank you cards. Attach the shower card to your gift just in case the gift tag separates from your present.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby shower card & envelope
  • Ink pen
  • Address of recipient (if sending in the mail)
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