How to Make Twig & Stick Fences

Updated February 21, 2017

A good fence around your garden can prove vital in keeping animals from running among your plants and causing havoc. For a fence that is both charming and cheap, make your own out of a stick frame, with smaller twigs woven into the frame to create rungs. The sticks can be harvested free if you live near a wood, and they give an attractive, natural look to your fence.

Hammer the stakes a foot into the ground at the corner points of your desired fence. Leave three feet above ground.

Cut the three-inch-wide sticks to the sizes needed for your frames. You will want one piece of framing to bridge each gap between stakes. You will need to cut three sticks long enough to reach between the two stakes that each frame will be covering, and two three-foot-tall end sticks for each piece of framing. Cut an additional three-foot-tall stick for any frame that will be more than ten feet long to serve as an additional centre support.

Nail your frames together by laying the three-foot-tall sticks on the ground and placing the cross sticks atop them to form a rectangle. Lay the third cross stick along the centres of the vertical sticks, then nail through the cross sticks and into the vertical three-foot-long sticks.

Tie your frame pieces to the stakes with twine so that each covers its corresponding gap. Attach each piece of frame to the stakes at all three cross sticks.

Weave a twig through the frame by slipping it past the outside of the top stick of one frame, then inside of that frame's middle stick, then outside of the bottom stick. Drive it into the dirt slightly.

Repeat this process at the distance of a foot around the exterior of the fence.

Repeat Steps 5 and 6, weaving inside, outside, inside - the opposite of the pattern of the Steps 5 and 6 - so that the twigs in this set are six inches from the first set and centred between two twigs from Steps 5 and 6.

Test the sturdiness of your vertical twigs. If the fence is merely for show, some give is not a problem. If you will be using the fence to keep animals out, and experience give in a twig, then either reweave it, replace it with a new twig, or tie the twig to the frame with twine.

Things You'll Need

  • Four foot long wood stakes
  • Hammer
  • Three inch wide sticks
  • Saw
  • One inch wide pliable twigs
  • Twine
  • Nails
  • Hammer
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