How to Prune Lobelia

Lobelia is a favourite of gardeners in a variety of climates. "Its the best flower for attracting hummingbirds," explains Larry Hodgson in his book, "Perennials for Every Purpose." Lobelia cardnalis, also called cardinal flower, is one of a handful of blooming plants that grows with vigour in wet soil and partial shade. Lobelia also comes in more diminutive varieties perfect for ground covers and container gardens. Lobelia has also been used for medicinal purposes, especially for aiding respiration. Lobelia requires little maintenance, but can be pruned to extend blooming and help it overwinter in mild climates.

Prune Lobelia halfway through its growing season. Lobelia blooms profusely in the spring. To encourage another round of blooms, cut Lobelia back by mid-summer.

Prune Lobelia by cutting the plant back by half. Unlike roses or fruit trees, no special care is needed when pruning Lobelia.

Prune Lobelia at the end of the season in mild climates. Lobelia is a perennial and will only last a season in climates with a hard freeze; however, in mild climates Lobelia may overwinter.

Prune Lobelia all the way down to the ground at the end of the season in mild climates. Cover pruned Lobelia with mulch to help protect it through the winter.


Water and feed Lobelia after its mid-summer pruning. Feed Lobelia with a good all-around fertiliser.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Fertiliser
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