How to dispose of mattresses

A good-quality mattress is designed to last around 10 years. After that, mattresses may lose their ability to properly support our bodies. In addition, wear and tear and staining can leave a mattress unusable. Properly disposing of a mattress is important for our environment because over 90 per cent of the materials, according to Planet Green, can be recycled. However many mattresses are simply tossed by the side of the road and end up in landfills.

Contact your local mattress store or the store where you purchased the mattress. Many places will come and pick up your old mattress. For the best value, do this when you are planning to make a mattress purchase--they'll probably take it away for free.

Ask about mattress recycling. While many mattress sellers will take old mattresses away, many simply end up in landfills. Some sellers will recondition gently used mattresses and resell them while a few offer recycling programs. In some areas, facilities have opened that allow mattresses to be recycled--see the References section of this article for a website that lists some locations.

Donate the mattress if you can't get the mattress store to take it back or you don't want to throw it in the trash. According to the Planet Green website, some charities do not accept used mattresses but some may accept mattresses less than 10 years old that are in good condition. Call ahead to your local charity before bringing a mattress to them--many offer pick up if they accept them.

Place your mattress out with your weekly trash. Do this as a last resort. Do it on a day that it isn't raining--people often drive around and pick up trash that could be reused. A dry mattress might get picked up by someone looking to fix it and sell it.

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