How to Remove a Honda Civic Door Molding

Updated March 23, 2017

The door moulding on a Honda Civic door may need to be removed if you are doing bodywork. The moulding, which runs down the centre of the door is held in place with retaining pins. The door has small slots cut into it, and the pins are inserted into the slots and catch on the backside of the door. To remove the moulding, you'll need to use a special trim removal tool available at most auto parts stores.

Heat the moulding with a heat gun set on the highest setting. Older Hondas used an adhesive backing on the door moulding. The moulding needs to be heated, so that the adhesive will become soft enough to pry up on.

Place a protective rag against the door, below the moulding. This will be used to protect the moulding.

Gently wedge the teeth of the removal tool under the moulding, at one end.

Pry up on the moulding and work your way down the moulding until the entire piece has been removed. The moulding is nothing more than ABS plastic, so be careful. These mouldings will break easy if you pry too hard on them.

Remove the screws holding the interior door handle and door arm rest in place.

Wedge the teeth of the trim removal tool behind the interior door panel, along the top of the panel.

Pry the interior door panel off. You will only need to partially remove the door panel, so don't worry about making sure that the whole assembly comes off.

Reach down behind the door panel and pinch the tabs on the retaining clips inside the door panel with a pair of pliers and push the clip out, so that it no longer catches on the inside of the door panel.

Pull the panel off the door from the outside.

Things You'll Need

  • Trim removal tool
  • Protective cloth or rag
  • Heat gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
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