How to Keep Bugs Off the House Near a Porch Light

Updated February 21, 2017

Most bugs are attracted to light. It is aggravating to sit on your porch on a nice summer night and get bitten by mosquitoes that were drawn to the light. It is also annoying to open the door to your house and have bugs fly in because they were hovering near your porch light. Use natural methods or man-made devices to keep bugs away from your house.

Replace the existing porch light with a bug light. Bug lights have a yellow coating. Bugs are not as attracted to a yellow light as they are to a normal light that emits blue and ultraviolet light. Bugs cannot see yellow light as well.

Remove any standing water near the house. This is particularly important to keep mosquitoes away. Make sure gutters are draining correctly. Empty birdbaths once a week before mosquito eggs hatch. Make sure water is not collecting under gutter downspouts.

Place citronella candles near the light. Mosquitoes and many other other bugs don't like the smell of citronella.

Install a fan by the porch light, if practical. The fan's breeze will blow bugs away from the house. Install a ceiling fan if porch is covered. Use an oscillating fan otherwise.

Place bat houses and bird feeders near the porch. Bats and birds like to eat mosquitoes and some other bugs.

Install a motion sensor on your light. This won't repel bugs, but it will help keep them away because the light won't be on as much.

Install a bug zapper near the light on the porch. Bug zappers are electronic insect killers that attract bugs with an incandescent or fluorescent light. When the bugs fly into the light, they are zapped.


Turn on a light that is not near your house so the bugs will be attracted there.

Things You'll Need

  • Bug light
  • Citronella candles
  • Fans
  • Bat house
  • Bird feeders
  • Motion sensors
  • Bug zappers
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