How to Kill Demodex Brevis Mites

Updated March 23, 2017

Demodex Brevis mites are one of two types of mites that live in human hair follicles and create problems for the skin and hair. The mites are small and clear. They look like worms with eight legs at the tops of their bodies. The mites burrow into the skin, causing irritation and redness. They are commonly associated with a chronic skin condition known as rosacea.

See your dermatologist to determine if the skin irritation is the result of Demodex mites. If so, ask for a prescription for ivermectin and topical permethrin cream. The ivermectin is an oral medication that helps to clear up the bacteria carried by the mites that causes skin irritation. It can also help to relieve problems with skin redness and irritation caused by the mites. The permethrin cream kills the mites on the skin. Oral metronidazole is an alternative to ivermectin.

Take the medication as directed by your doctor. The appropriate dosage will vary for each individual.

Continue treatment for at least a couple of weeks. It can take between two weeks and six weeks to see a change in your skin as the mite population is destroyed.

Clean all of the bedding, carpets, cushions and cloth items in the house. To prevent a recurrence of the mites, wash everything in hot water and run it through the dryer. This will kill the mites and any larvae. Have your carpets professionally cleaned, or vacuum your carpets, put the vacuum bag into a plastic trash bag, tie it closed and immediately throw it away in an outdoor trash bin.

Get your pets treated with an appropriate mite medication for pets from the vet. In many cases, the demodex brevis mites come from dogs or cats who are in constant contact with their owners.

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