How to remove glitter

Updated February 21, 2017

Glitter, while pretty, can be very annoying if you don't want it on your clothes, your body or in your hair. In some cases it can seem almost impossible to remove it. While removing glitter from can be difficult, it is not impossible if you know how.

Cut off a piece of Scotch tape. Place the tape sticky side down on your skin where the glitter is.

Remove the Scotch tape and the glitter will come off your skin and stick to the tape.

Throw away the piece of tape. Repeat as necessary until you remove all the glitter from your skin.

Get your hair wet in the shower, sink or bathtub.

Apply conditioner to your hair. This will help to loosen the glitter that is in your hair.

Rinse the conditioner from your hair. A good portion of the glitter should have been rinsed away.

Wash and rinse your hair with shampoo, and then condition your hair one more time. This should remove any glitter that remained behind after you conditioned your hair the first time.

Squeeze a few globs of hand-sanitiser onto the first area of your clothing that has permanent glitter.

Gently scrub the hand-sanitiser in with a small scrub brush. Some of the permanent glitter should begin coming off shortly after you begin scrubbing.

Wash your clothing and then take a look at it before putting it in the dryer. If you still see permanent glitter, apply some more hand-sanitiser, then wash again.

Repeat step 3 until all the permanent glitter has been removed. In most cases, one application of hand-sanitiser, and one wash is all it takes.

Dry your clothing once all the permanent glitter has been removed.


If your clothing just has loose glitter on it, consider purchasing a sticky roller like the kind you use to remove lint, and roll that over your clothing to remove the glitter.


If your clothing that has permanent glitter is a sweater, or other delicate fabric, then don't scrub in the hand-sanitiser with a scrub brush. Instead use your fingers to work it into the permanent glitter.

Things You'll Need

  • Scotch tape
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hand-sanitiser
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