How to Use Hemorrhoid Cream for Facial Redness

Updated April 17, 2017

Haemorrhoid cream restricts blood flow to the area of the skin where the cream is applied, which reduces skin redness. Haemorrhoid cream also acts as an anti-inflammatory, and when applied to blemishes, the cream will reduce swelling and the appearance of the pimple. When the size of the pimple decreases, the redness will decrease also. You can use haemorrhoid cream on most types of redness, but its strength is reducing swelling on pimple-related redness.

Clean and completely dry your face. Make sure all make-up is removed from the areas where you intend to apply the haemorrhoid cream.

Put a dab of haemorrhoid cream on your finger and apply a small amount to the red area of your face. Only apply the cream to the red area of your face.

Rub the haemorrhoid cream into the red area. Continue to rub the cream in until you can no longer see the white cream, or you can leave some cream to be seen if you are applying it at night.


Avoid spreading the cream on the gentle skin around the eye. Do not use haemorrhoid cream as a substitution for acne medicine. Dispose of a bit of the cream from the end of the tube if the cream has been used on hemorroids. Make sure the haemorrhoid cream has not passed its expiration date.

Things You'll Need

  • Haemorrhoid cream
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