How to gain weight for skinny girls

Updated April 17, 2017

The issue of weight is always a touchy subject with girls. For skinny girls who want to gain weight, genes or metabolism can make weight gain difficult when a mapped approach isn't pursued.

Guard your waist. Choose what kind of weight you want to gain. Gaining fatty weight and muscle weight can lead to varied results in your appearance. While fat will generally accumulate in your hips, thighs and stomach first, lean muscle will add more weight than fat and only grows in the areas you work out. Know what kind of healthy diet will work for your goals.

Add the right exercises. Go to the gym to gain weight and shape your body at the same time. It may be difficult o stay away from the treadmill or aerobics machines, but doing some muscle-building exercises can help you gain weight fast and keep your form looking lean. Don't worry about developing a "bodybuilder" physique as women do not normally produce enough testosterone to bulk up naturally.

Feed your face. In order to gain weight, you not only have to change your activity level, you also have to change your diet. Eating 500 to 1,000 more calories than you burn in a day should allow you to put on weight at a healthy pace. Weight gain should be done slowly at one to three pounds a week to give your body time to adjust, so add calories as part of a healthy diet, not a fatty one.

Sneak in more calories. Since nutritionists recommend eating five to six small meals a day, adding extra calories may leave you feeling bloated. Knowing where to add in the extra calories as part of your healthy diet is the key to your success. Extras such as sauces, syrup on your pancakes, and even a tablespoon more of salad dressing can add 100 calories or more to a meal. These hidden calories can help you gain weight fast without feeling bloated.

Put that water away. Although 1,892ml of water is optimal to keep you hydrated, as long as you drink the same amount of liquid in non-caffeinated beverages you should get the same effect. Drinking substances like milkshakes, juice, soda or milk with your meals instead of water will help to multiply much-needed calories to rid you of your skinny figure. This is the opposite of what we're told for weight loss, so take it to heart.


Visiting a nutritionist or doctor to find out how much weight you should gain can help you make an informed decision about how to put on the pounds.


Unhealthy weight gain from sugary foods, saturated and trans fats can increase your risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and other conditions. Maintain a healthy diet as you look to gain weight.

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