How to remove gallstones without surgery

Gallstones are made in your gallbladder and sometimes get stuck in its tube ducts. Your gallbladder is a tiny pear-shaped organ attached to your liver, which stores and concentrates bile fluid. Bile is a digestive fluid which your liver releases to break down acid and fat in half-digested foods. Cholesterol makes up most types of gallbladder stones. When you consume a high amount of cholesterol, your gallbladder crystallises compounds in the bile, creating hard, small rocks called gallstones. Gallstones can accumulate and lodge in your duodenum. If left untreated, infection and severe pain will occur, requiring surgery. However, by applying natural remedies, you can remove gallstones from your body and prevent future ones from developing.

Take lecithin supplements. Lecithin helps remove and prevent gallstones by effectively breaking down the molecules of fat in food you eat. Take one 1200 mg lecithin capsule once a day preferably with food. Aside from lecithin supplements, eat foods rich in lecithin, including whole grains, lentils and tofu.

Consume vitamin C (ascorbic acid) tablets. This potent vitamin converts low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) to bile acids. Gallstones will slowly dissolve naturally when your body has more bile acids and lower cholesterol levels. The recommended dosage is two 500 mg tablets once a day.

Drink plenty of water. Water plays an important role in disintegrating gallstones. You body is made up of mostly water so it is important that you maintain the balance of enzymes, hormones and cells. Water flushes out unwanted cholesterol, which dissolves gallstones. Drink at least ten glasses of a day.

Consume food high in fibre every day. Fibre helps bind fatty acids, bile and cholesterol to form stool. It makes your stool bulkier and helps your body transport and remove unwanted cholesterol as waste, thereby breaking down any gallstones in your gallbladder. Foods rich in fibre include figs, oatmeal and grains.

Eliminate the consumption of fatty and fried foods such as pastries and meat products. These kinds of foods are saturated with bad cholesterol. The quicker you eliminate the intake of these foods, the quicker your liver can balance your cholesterol levels, which in turn will disintegrate your gallstones and prevent future ones from developing.


Consult your physician before starting any kind of herbal therapy.

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