How to Calculate Calories Burned

Updated February 21, 2017

People interested in losing weight usually end up at one point or another wanting to know how to burn more calories. They want to know the activities that burn the most calories or how many calories are burnt when doing their favourite form of exercise. Calculations regarding calories burnt from exercise can be complicated and are usually not exact, but by following the steps below you can get a very good idea of the number of calories burnt in your exercise.

Weigh yourself and record this number.

Decide for which activity or exercise you would like to make the calories burnt calculation.

Choose the number of minutes that the activity will be performed.

Go to the following website in order to use the convenient calories burnt calculator:

Enter the information you gathered in Steps 1-3 above into the calculator, press the "Calculate" button, and you are finished. The calculator will return the number of calories burnt.


Caloric deficit (calorie intake minus calories burnt) is what allows for long-term weight loss. Watch your calorie intake as closely as you watch how many you are burning when exercising.

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