How to Sharpen Electric Hedge Clippers

The blades of electric hedge clippers will become duller with every use. When the blades become too dull, they can harm plants by mashing and bruising the stems, making the plants more susceptible to diseases. Sharpening the blades of an electric hedge clipper will extends the life of the gadget, and should be done properly and carefully.

Unplug the electric hedge clipper and place it on a steady table. Put on eye protection and gloves for protection against sparks and blades.

Remove the blades from the hedge clipper by using pliers to grasp the bolt holding the two blades in place. Turn the bolt counter-clockwise to remove it and release the blades.

Place a whetstone on a wet paper towel to prevent it from sliding. The coarse grit side of the whetstone should be facing up.

Put the blade at a 22-degree angle to the whetstone. Use moderate pressure to slide the blade forward and across the whetstone. Do this several times then flip the blade over and repeat.

Flip the whetstone over to the fine grit side and give each side of the blade several strokes. Rinse the blade with water and dry it with a clean cloth to remove any metal particles. Sharpen the other blade using the same process.

Place the blades back on the electric hedge clipper and fasten the bolt on with pliers. Tighten the bolt to secure each blade into place.


Test the blades for sharpness by skimming paper over them.

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