How to Convert Square Feet to Meters

Updated March 23, 2017

The International System of Units (SI) defines a square meter as the unit of area. However, the United States and some other countries use a square-foot unit. On July 1, 1959, U.S. National Bureau of Standards defined that 1 foot is equal to 1,200/3,937 meter. This formula allows conversion from square feet to square meters.

To convert 1 foot to a meter, divide 1,200 by 3,937. This equals .3048 meter.

Obtain the formula to convert square feet to square meters: Square feet x (0.3048 x 0.3048) = square meters. Multiply .3048 by .3048 to get .0929. For example, to convert 250 square feet, multiply 250 by .0929 to get 23.225 square meters.

To convert square meters back to square feet use the formula: Square feet = square meters divided by 0.0929 For example, to convert 25 square meters, divide 25 by .0929 to get 269.107 square feet.

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