How to Write a Snag List

Updated April 08, 2017

A snag list is a list or notation of everything you as a customer are unhappy with after construction or renovation on a building is finished. The common misconception is that a snag list can only be done immediately after construction completion, but a good construction company or contractor will allow a snag list to be submitted after six months of using a residence or building and a year of using residence or building. As a consumer, snag lists are a good way to make sure your contractor is not taking you for a ride, but as a contractor, a snag list can be a headache where every problem takes away from the profit of the build.

Include structure. When you are doing your post-construction survey, include what are not to your specifications such as interior walls, outside walls, pathways, sidewalks/footpaths, garages, driveways, roofs, guttering, ceilings, stairs, flooring, windows and attic spaces. Check insulation and improper wiring.

Include fixtures. Mark down any skewed or slanted electric sockets, off-centre light fixtures and problems with plugs, door handles and faucets/taps.

Include services.Check the central heating system, air-conditioning unit, water heater, water pressure, fans and garbage disposals.

Include the details. Be sure to include mouldings and room colours. Check for chipped paint and cracked moulding.

Notarise the list. Before you hand over to snag list to your contractor, take it to a notary public and have it notarised.

Give it to the contractor. Hand the list to your contractor, making sure to keep a copy for yourself, and discuss the details of the list.


Do not give the contractor your final payment until after you discuss your snag list with him.


Do not expect massive discounts because of your snag list.


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