How to Get Custody of Your Children

Divorce is stressful enough without the added stress of fighting over which parent will get custody of the children. While you and your ex battle it out in family court, remember the children involved and speak to them about how they feel about their new living arrangements. Perhaps it can give you some insight into how to gain custody and to do it in a way that works for everyone.

Petition the court for a hearing in which the custody of your children can be discussed. If you do not already have a lawyer, find one who is experienced in child custody battles, has been through the system before and is knowledgeable about the proceedings.

Have a custody plan in mind before you go to the hearing, whether it is a split custody, custody with visitation rights or another arrangement that you, your children and your ex are comfortable with.

Attend a formal hearing with all parties involved, including your ex, your respective lawyers and a judge.

Offer to attend therapy with your children as a means to supporting her through the divorce, as well as providing other support as a good-faith gesture to the court of your intentions of being a good parent.

Present evidence to the family court as to why you should have custody of your children. Present evidence, such as your children's, doctors' and therapists' testimonies, to support the fact that you are a good parent.

Present your suggestions for a custody schedule to the court for consideration. Remember that if you do not come to an agreement, the judge may decide who has custody and how the custody is split.

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