How to get a photo id

Written by daniel ketchum | 13/05/2017

In the modern world, it is virtually impossible to get by without an official photo ID card. You need an ID to open bank accounts, cash checks, rent cars and to do almost anything involving a money exchange or purchase. Not to mention that the police do not look favourably on someone with no ID. Fortunately, it is very quite to get a photo ID.

Gather the identifying documents you will need. These can include documents such as a passport, certified birth certificate, old driver's license, military ID or a Social Security card. Because the requirements for the type of documents needed vary by location, you might want to take all of the identifying documents you have, letting the officials decide which ones they prefer.

Visit the ID issuing office where you are. This is usually done at the DMV office, but it some states like Michigan, you can get your state ID by visiting the Secretary of State's office. Remember that you must be a resident of the state where you apply for your photo ID.

Supply the requested information that may be needed for the card, such as your address. Pay the required fee, sit for your photo and that's it. The official will present you with your new photo ID card.

Things you need

  • Identifying documents

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