How to Buy Gibberellic Acid

Updated July 19, 2017

Gibberellic acid is a hormone that can affect plants in many different ways. When used, it can cause seeds to break their dormancy and germinate faster, make the plant bloom sooner, increase the amount of fruit on the plant, stimulate extra growth, aid in crossbreeding different species, protect plants from frost, and prevent cuttings from producing roots. It is considered to be generally non-toxic and available for sale to everyone.

Write down all the plants you wish to treat with gibberellic acid, along with the specific results desired, so you can calculate how much you will need to buy.

Calculate how much gibberellic acid you will need using the charts from "Gibberellic Acid - GA3" or "Gibberellic Acid for Fruit Set and Seed Germination" listed in Resources. For example, if you want to germinate seeds, mix 125 milligrams of gibberellic acid with 2 1/2 cups water and a few drops of rubbing alcohol to make a solution that is 200 parts per million.

Call your local nursery to see if they carry gibberellic acid. If they do not, there are some online sources (see Resources) where you can buy gibberellic acid.


Gibberellic acid is also available in liquid and paste form.


Avoid skin contact, and rinse with water and soap if needed.

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