How to Kill Mold in a Washing Machine

Mold can grow in a washing machine and cause odours that can cause clothing to smell bad. Gaskets, pipe and the wash bin itself are areas where mould can grow in a washing machine. Mold spores can also cause an allergic reaction in many people. Removing mould in a washing machine and preventing future mould growth will keep the washing machine smelling clean and reduce potential allergens in the air from the mould spores.

Make sure the washing machine is empty and pour 3 cups of bleach into it.

Fill the washing machine with hot water on the regular cycle, and then turn it off

Use a toilet brush and sponge to scrub under the rim, around gaskets and other areas that may often be splashed but not saturated with the bleach water.

Allow the hot bleach water to soak in the washing machine overnight.

Restart the washing machine and allow it to run through the entire cycle.


Do a load of whites after bleaching the washing machine so that any residual bleach does not stain coloured clothes. To prevent future mould, routinely bleach the washing machine.


Use rubber gloves when cleaning the gaskets with the sponge to avoid absorbing bleach through the skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Bleach
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