How to Start a Courier Delivery Business

Updated April 17, 2017

Starting a courier delivery business can be a lucrative venture, if you live near a bustling metropolis and you are a fast worker. Many large companies would rather hire a local, same-day courier service than deal with shipping companies like UPS or FedEx. If companies have deliveries that need to be made within a matter of hours, a courier delivery business is the only option available that is economically feasible. Compared to other businesses, you can start a courier business relatively cheaply.

Decide which car or truck you will use for your delivery vehicle. Cars that are small or mid-sized will give you the biggest advantage when going in and out of parking garages and tight spaces. Also, a smaller car that gets better gas mileage can increase your profit margin.

Make sure that your personal car insurance covers you when using your vehicle for work. You may have to get separate insurance for your vehicle if you are using it for a courier or delivery business. If this is the case, you might want to consult with an accountant or an attorney about starting an LLC or corporation to protect your personal assets.

Make flyers or business cards. Hand them out to local companies that may need courier service. You should also place a business listing for your delivery business on websites such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Locate lawyers' offices in your area. Stop by each office and introduce yourself. Lawyers often have timely material that they need delivered for court cases, hearings and real-estate closings. Lawyers are often primary customers for courier and delivery services. Dress to impress when you are soliciting these offices, in order to make a good first impression.

Purchase a GPS navigation unit. A GPS will help you locate any delivery addresses that are unfamiliar to you. Keeping maps in the car is also a good idea, just in case your GPS is not working or is not taking you exactly where you need to be.

Be patient with your courier business. Remember that it could take a year or so before your delivery business takes off. Be prepared to hire a second driver should your business grow beyond your ability to handle it yourself.


Stick with your business plan, and build a reputation of providing prompt, reliable service. You might just find yourself with a booming courier delivery business.

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