How to make money with a typing or word processing home-based business

Updated April 17, 2017

Too many people have such busy schedules, they don't have time for all the things they need to do. This includes typing in papers and documents and letters. If you like using your word processor to type in documents, you can make money with a typing or word processing home-based business.

Decide what type of material you wish to type into a word processing file. You can choose to enter a variety of material --- poems, recipes, memoirs, personal and business letters, book manuscripts, dissertations and other academic papers and works. You can also specialise in one or more areas.

Purchase the proper equipment. You need a computer with a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. If you will be offering a print out copy, you'll need a good printer. Also purchase quality CDs if some clients want their files in that format.

Learn different formats of writing. You need to know the basics of good grammar, punctuation and format. If you are going to type in academic papers, news stories or books, you need to type each into the word processor in the proper format. Book manuscripts use Chicago Manual of Style. APA style otherwise known as the American Psychological Association style is used in clinical, scientific writing and with counsellors and students. Newspapers use the AP or Associated Press style. There are other styles as well. If you type in a manuscript that is going to a publisher, you need to download the guidelines from the publisher or ask your client to provide publisher guidelines as one differs from the other. You can purchase books on each style to help you correctly type in the project for your client.

Calculate your time and expenses. In order to know what to charge for your word processing services, you have to list your time and your expenses, which includes paper, CDs and overall operating costs of your business such as computer, utilities, and so on. Add in a margin of profit. Make sure to charge enough that your typing word processing home-based business is worth your time and effort, but low enough to encourage repeat business.

Act like a professional. This is a business, which means you need a contract, which you can draw up yourself. A contract tells the client exactly what you charge and what the client can expect in return. Make everything as clear as possible. Always put everything in writing so there are no misunderstandings later.

Put up flyers at universities, schools and any place that might attract business. Network with teachers, students, social networks and list your services on Internet sites. Hand out business cards and brochures that you bring with you as you speak to genealogy and women's clubs or organisations, church groups, Friend of the Library organisations and schools.

Do your best work. The best advertising for your typing or word processing home-based business is work well done, in the appropriate format and to specifications. Offer to redo anything not done right. Do the work well and on time and you may soon have more business than you can handle.

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