How to Stop a Rooster From Crowing

Written by kathryn hatter | 13/05/2017
How to Stop a Rooster From Crowing
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Roosters crow to announce the sunrise, but this is a little too early for many people. There are several options available to stop a rooster from crowing, one of which is caponising, or neutering. This may not solve the problem, however, and instead of resorting to such a drastic method, you may simply be able to make sure the rooster is in a coop overnight.

Catch the rooster in the late evening before you go to bed. Place one or two hens into the rooster coop to encourage the rooster to cooperate.

Place the rooster into a low coop for the night, with roosts going up at least one side that resemble a ladder. The top perch should be at a height that prevents the rooster from extending himself to crow.

Place a tarp over the coop to darken it. This will encourage the rooster to be quiet at night.

Allow the rooster to wander free during the day, but contain him in the coop each night to discourage crowing.

Things you need

  • Tarp

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