How to start an adult-only website

Porn can be a touchy subject for some people, but there is no denying that it has a large presence on the Internet. Adult websites vary widely from amateur webcam sites to glossy, professional sites owned by the major companies. However, it doesn't take industry connections or special knowledge to create your own website.

Make a decision about the content of your site. Research the different genres of adult entertainment and decide what your niche will be. To be successful, you will want to stand out among the thousands of sites already making money.

Find a host for your adult website. The terms of service of many mainstream webhosting companies prohibits adult content, so it is best to find a host that specialises in adult websites. See the Resources section below.

Purchase or create content for the website. Creating your own content involves finding the models, drawing up legal contracts with them for use of their image, and verifying ages, as well as directing the actual filming or photography of the content. Content that is already filmed or photographed and is ready to use can also be purchased for use on your site.

Design your website. Many sites have templates for free or a small fee that can be altered to use on your website, or you can create your own layout using the HTML editor of your choice. Include teaser images on the first page that lead to a subscription section.

Set up the payment processor for your site. Make sure you use a processor that is friendly toward adult sites. Like webhosting companies, many common processors prohibit adult sites, so be sure to read the terms of service. Some payment processors that specialise in adult sites are ETI, Adult Merchant Pay, Advantage Processors and Netbilling.

Drive traffic to your site. Advertise your site on other adult sites and submit your site to different link directories, search engines and adult blogs. Many services, such as Adultworld, Adult Traffic and Global VIP Traffic, will drive traffic to your site for a fee.


Consider banner exchanges with other adult websites -- you place a banner and link on your site to theirs, and in return, they do the same for you. This can be a good way to boost traffic without spending a lot of money.


Only use content that you know is legal in your jurisdiction -- research obscenity laws to make sure you don't accidentally break them. Keep detailed records if you are creating your own content. Don't take a single picture until you have verified that the model is at least 18, and keep copies of documents in a safe place. Make sure the site contains all necessary legal disclaimers. It must contain a warning that the content is for adults only, and a disclaimer that all models are of legal age.

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