How to Build a Log Cabin Mobile Home

A log cabin mobile home is simply a mbile home constructed to look like a log cabin, but while a log cabin is sometimes missing certain ammenties, a mobile home offers all the comforts you seek while still having the outward appearance of a log cabin. You can upgrade the look of your mobile home with log cabin siding to get this effect. Log cabin siding is real wood siding or vinyl siding that looks like real wood that's lightweight and easy to install.

Study the different types of log cabin siding available for mobile homes. Different types of siding include laminated logs, half round log siding and modular types of log siding. Some siding for a log cabin can be ordered with stain and sealer already applied to make the job go quicker.

Measure the mobile home correctly. Every manufacturer has different specs for the log cabin siding, based on the type of wood siding you order and the amount of material needed. Study the spec sheets to make sure you order everything you need at once; this keeps the appearance of your log cabin mobile home the same throughout. If you don't order enough material to start with, you may have to order more siding from a later cutting, which could change the appearance.

Follow the installation instructions, which most often and for most mobile home applications, means the log cabin siding is applied just like any other siding. Apply the siding to a flat surface like plywood; if you have lap siding on your mobile home, you may need to remove it and install a flat wood surface on the exterior of your mobile home for the new log cabin siding.

Use a nail gun to speed your installation, but make sure the nails you use are finishing nails that have been plated or coated. Coated nails resist rust that can occur when metal is exposed to moisture. Whether you use a hammer and finishing nails, a nail gun or ring shanked nails, make sure the nails are long enough to penetrate not only the siding, but also the sheathing under it, and then countersink the head just a little bit.

Apply your finish. For best overall protection, put protective finish on both sides of the siding surface prior to installation to help protect the wood. Then, when you apply finish after you've nailed all the siding in place, the nail holes become basically invisible.


A mobile home's interior doesn't have the space or floor plan required to make the inside style match a log cabin. Plus, the way they're constructed doesn't allow for extensive structural accents normally found on log homes that many people like to showoff such as such as buttresses. You can attach log siding to both the outside and the inside of a mobile home to make it seem more like a log cabin. You can also buy a kit to build a modular log home on your site, however, these homes arrive in panels and is permanent building when done; whereas a mobile home can be moved if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Log cabin siding
  • Mobile home
  • Nail gun
  • Finishing nails
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