Instructions for Making a Roller Blind

Updated November 21, 2016

Roller blinds are a classy way to prevent sun damage to your furniture and wallpaper. The advantage in making your own roller blinds is that you can make blinds that match the interior of your house, while also saving money. You don't need to be a professional seamstress or an experienced interior designer to make your windows look beautiful; this project just takes a little patience and a few materials.

Measure the width of the inside of the window as well as the length of the window you want covered. Take these measurements with you when you go shopping for the materials.

Choose the fabric for your blinds. Purchase fabric that matches the interior of the room you are decorating. If you are unable to find fabric that exactly fits your window measurements, don't worry about it. If the fabric is too wide, it can be cut to fit. If the fabric is too narrow, all you'll have to do is sew two pieces together.

Stiffen the fabric. Roller blinds won't work properly if the fabric is limp. Spray the material with fabric stiffener, found at stores that sell fabric.

Purchase a roller blind kit. The kit can be purchased online and should include brackets, end caps, roller, acorn, wooden batten and a cord holder.

Screw the brackets into the window frame. The bracket that has the slot should be on the left side of the window. When both brackets are in place, measure the amount of distance between them.

Cut the free end of the roller so that it matches the amount of distance between the two brackets. Be very careful while you are doing this; if you cut too much off of the roller you will have to purchase a whole new kit. Cover the cut end with the end cap that came in your kit, and slip the pin into place. Fasten the roller in the brackets to check the fit.

Spread your fabric, wrong side up, Once the fabric is laying flat, grasp the bottom corner and fold it upwards about 11/2 inches. Glue the edge. When you are done, the folded bit of fabric should form a tube.

Pick up the batten that was a part of your roller blind kit. Cut it so that it is exactly 1 inch shorter than the final width of your roller blind. After cutting the batten, slide it into its casing and glue the ends.

Mark the centre of the casing.

Work the cord into the middle of the acorn and knot the end.

Attach the cord holder to the exact centre of the casing.

Turn the fabric over, so that the right side is visible. Place the roller on the top edge of the fabric so that the spring is on the left. Use a piece of double sided tape to mark the centre of the roller.

Press the edge of the fabric to the piece of tape. Ensure the fabric is perfectly straight, then staple the fabric to the roller.

Start rolling the roller along the fabric very slowly.

Secure the roller to the brackets and pull the bind down.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Roller blind kit
  • Double sided adhesive tape
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