How to Purchase Dung Beetles

Updated February 21, 2017

Dung beetles eat faeces as part of an unusual diet. Using dung beetles on a ranch is an environmentally friendly form of fly control. Dung beetles eat and bury the manure that the flies lay eggs in, destroying the larvae. In addition, dung beetles aerate the soil during the process of burying dung. The dung beetle offers these benefits to the rancher without being a nuisance. Dung beetles do not bite or sting, nor are they a nuisance to animals or humans.

Despite the benefits of the dung beetle, they are not a popular insect in stores. You can purchase dung beetles when you know where to shop.

Commercial agriculture supply stores and insectaries often sell dung beetles or can direct you to a place that does. A search in the yellow pages or on Google can help you find them.

There are more than 4,000 species of dung beetles in the world. The store will help you choose a species that is best suited to your climate and will meet your needs. Different species of dung beetles feed on different types of manure.

Purchase enough dung beetles for the land that you will be using them on. The store can give you advice on the amount of dung beetles that you will need.

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