How to Make a Glass Coffee Table

If you find yourself in need of a coffee table, you will be pleased to know that one of the easiest coffee tables to make is a glass coffee table. You can make a glass coffee table from any number of objects that are in your home or that you can easily purchase or find. You can create a glass coffee table to fit just about any decorating style as well. Here are instructions on how to make a glass coffee table.

Purchase the glass top for your table. You can find a glass coffee table at any number of home and garden or furniture store. Try IKEA, Pier One, or Grand Harbor. You can also purchase glass online from stores like Glassical or FactoryGlassDirect. You will need tempered glass for your tabletop that is 12mm or thicker, with bevelled edges.

Locate a base for your glass coffee table. There is no end to the variety of choices available. You can use driftwood, or wooden stumps as well as a large clay planter, an urn, set of drums, large flat stone, wooden cubes, or traditional legs. The item you use for the base of your table can be as unique or as classic as you are.

Arrange the base of your glass coffee table. This can be as simple as setting a couple of items in place, or it can be a difficult as cutting a stump to make it level. Or arranging seashells on top of sand in a large flower pot to top with glass.

Use rubber dots that you can find in your local hardware store to protect the glass scratching at the base. This will also prevent the glass from being easily moved. Put a few self-adhesive rubber dots on the base where it touches the glass. Then, carefully set your glass coffee table top on the base. Your coffee table is complete.


The key to using a found base for you table is finding something that will be level when you sit the glass on it.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass
  • Base item
  • Rubber dots
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