How to Write a Motivational Sports Speech

Updated March 23, 2017

Often times in sports a good motivational talk from the head coach or manager is just what the team needed to push on to victory. Many successful coaches are good communicators and can motivate their team to perform at a high level and to win. Write a motivational sports speech that will inspire your team to win or at least to feel good about the way they played.

Decide what message you want to deliver to your team. Do you want to get them to play together better. Maybe you want to emphasise team unity and sacrifice or you just want to squeeze more emotion out of them to play better. Decide what you want to say and get your team to do before you plan your speech. Make sure your speech speaks to those areas and don't include too many points in your speech. Just make sure you deliver your main message and be yourself. Your players will not respond if they think you are putting on an act for them.

Know what type of motivation your team responds to best. As a coach you should know what your team best responds to. Your team may often need a tongue lashing to get them going. Other team may be more sensitive to criticism so a more gentle approach is best. Deliver your speech in the way that will be most effective with your team.

Use stories and examples to help motivate your team. Players often respond well to a story or illustration rather than a long speech. They are often distracted with their own performance anxiety and have short attention span. A well timed story will help the athlete relate to what you are saying.

Time the delivery of the speech to maximise its effect. Often a coach will give a short speech right before the game to inspire the players. Decide when it is the best time to give your speech to be most effective. It may be after practice or even at halftime of a game.

Be brief but speak from the heart. The best sports motivational speeches invoke emotions in the players that cause them to perform better on the field. To invoke emotion in your players you must speak with emotion and from your heart. Believe in what you are saying to convince your team.


Practice the delivery of your speech many times before speaking to your team. Be sure to speak without notes but make sure you make your main points to the team.


A well written and delivered sports speech can give you team a little extra motivation and the edge you need but be careful not to overdo the motivational speeches. Giving too many speeches will cause it to lose its effectiveness and your team may tune you out. A speech, even a good one, does not replace good team preparation.

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