How to make non-stick cooking spray

Updated February 21, 2017

Aerosol cooking spray is among the most popular kitchen shortcuts, but there are reasons why many home cooks avoid it. The propellants used in most sprays have been known to weaken the non-stick coatings on many of the most expensive skillets, pots and pans. Aerosol cooking sprays also contain chemicals that can be turn-offs for cooks that favour organic, all-natural ingredients in their cooking. Fortunately, there is a way to make your own convenient cooking spray by using natural ingredients and no propellants.

Pick out an appropriate plastic spray bottle. Think in terms of your hob and kitchen counter space when making your selection; you'll want something that is easily accessible while cooking. Choosing a bottle made from food grade plastic is also an important consideration. If you have trouble finding one at your local stores, consider shopping on the Internet or finding a kitchen supply store in your area.

Buy some organic vegetable oil and organic liquid lecithin. Organic vegetable oil may be available at your local grocery store, but will almost certainly be available at health food stores and groceries that specialise in natural foods. Organic liquid lecithin will probably be harder to find, but it is carried by many health and natural food stores. Both ingredients can be ordered online.

Wash and dry the spray bottle thoroughly.

Add equal parts organic vegetable oil and organic liquid lecithin. Most food grade plastic spray bottles will have markings on the side to make measuring easy. If yours does not have markings, pour a cup of vegetable oil in first and mark the outside of the bottle at the liquid line using a marker. Then add a cup of liquid lecithin and mark the new liquid line. When it comes time to refill the bottle, you can use those lines as your guide and avoid messing up your measuring cups.

Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix both liquids before using. The mix can be stored at room temperature and can be kept near the stove; just keep it away from extreme temperatures.


When your spray runs out, wash and dry the bottle thoroughly before mixing another batch.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic spray bottle made from food grade plastic
  • Organic vegetable oil
  • Organic liquid lecithin~
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