How to Prune a Weeping Willow

A weeping willow tree is one of those trees that you can prune if you wish and don't have to if you don't want to. If you have a large yard with plenty of space for your tree, weeping willows look great natural without any pruning or shaping.

Shape the weeping willow the way you want it when it is young. Pruning a young weeping willow tree helps it to have the shape that you want as it grows larger.

Cut away suckers that grow from the ground and travel up the trunk of the weeping willow tree. Suckers stress the tree and prevent it from growing well. Cut the suckers off at the ground, remove them from the tree trunk, and dispose of them.

Trim back the branches of the weeping willow tree if they get in your way or if you want to let more sunshine into the yard. Weeping willows are hardy trees and can be pruned to fit your needs without causing them harm.

Remove dead and broken branches as soon as you see them. Weeping willow trees have brittle soft wood that breaks easily. Periodically prune dead wood, to prevent a build up of tree litter in the yard.


Weeping willows typically grow 60 feet tall and a mature tree can have a diameter of 40 feet. Because of the size of this tree, and the amount of tree litter that it makes, they are not recommended for small yards. Weeping willow trees have an invasive route system that could do damage to wells, septic tanks and water lines.

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