How to start a dog daycare business

Updated February 21, 2017

To start a dog day care business, you will need the proper licenses, federal identification number, insurance and other licenses if you will have employees. You need to have a place to keep the dogs and a yard for playtime. The dog day care business must meet some guidelines if your community exercises their control over such businesses. Many people use the dog day care business and they enjoy having someone qualified take care of their dogs.

Set up the dog day care in a large enough building with many smaller rooms. This will allow the operator to have small groups of dogs in one room. Separating small dogs from larges dogs, not so nice dogs from other dogs and hyperactive dogs from mellow dogs is important when dealing with many dogs at one time.

Apply for a Federal Identification Number and a local license to run the dog day care business. The licenses may require an inspection of the property and a background check before the license is approved. .

Advertise and pull up flyers in markets. Make business cards that can be handed out in person or in a animal clinic office. The advertising is the most important part of seeing some business.

Hire some help for the amount of animals you will have to care for and make sure these people are acceptable for animal care. Employees will need to help with cleaning cages and rooms, feeding, walking and playing with the dogs. Employees should be able to work whenever there are too many dogs for one person.

Set up a schedule for each dog to include feeding schedule, bathroom times and note any medications that may be needed. Mark each cage or room with the dog's name. If there are a lot of dogs, name tag collars made be needed.


Have some dog toys for the dogs. These can be individual toys for each dog and not shared.

Dog sitting takes up a great deal of ones free time unless you have qualified employees to help.


Never place all the dogs in one room. Too many dogs in one room can be stressful.

Things You'll Need

  • Building with multiple rooms
  • Outdoor dog play area
  • Cages
  • License
  • Food and water dishes
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