How to cure toenail fungus with lavender

Is toenail fungus ruining your sandal season? Toenail fungus can cause raised, yellow nails and foul foot odours. Lavender oil is a popular nail fungus natural remedy. Learn about home remedies for nail fungus and how you can use essential oils to cure your toenail fungus fast.

Buy Lavender Essential Oil. Be sure that what you're purchasing is actually a true essential oil, and not a fragrance oil. There are many products being distributed as "lavender oil" that are really mineral oils with a lavender scent. True essential oils can be costly and are found online and at speciality herb stores. Many home remedies for nail fungus involve using essential oils. Oregano essential oil and Tea Tree (melaleuca) essential oil are the most successful. Some practitioners prefer a combination of tea tree and lavender essential oil.

Wash the feet thoroughly and clip away as much of the affected toenail as possible. When fungus attacks, the toenail becomes raised off of the bed and creates a damp little hideout where toenail fungus can grow easily. Remove as much of the toenail as possible by clipping it away. Leave rounded edges so that they don't catch on clothing or carpet. Wash the toenail area thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Drip one drop of lavender oil on the affected nail bed. This nail fungus natural remedy is powerful and one drop every morning and evening will cure toenail fungus.

Trim the toenail as before on a weekly basis. Soon you will discover that the lavender oil has killed the toenail fungus.

Metal instruments used for trimming nails infected with toenail fungus should be sterilised with a ten minute rubbing alcohol soak and allowed to air dry so that the fungus isn't reintroduced each time the tool is used or spread to other family members.


Human urine also has a reputation for being a nail fungus natural remedy, in case you have a strict budget.


Keep your toenail cutters clean and sterilised.

Things You'll Need

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Toenail clippers
  • Rubbing alcohol
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