How to Get a License to Be a Mobile DJ

A mobile DJ is an individual who works as a DJ part-time or full-time, usually from their own home. Since they don’t have an office, they usually carry most of their equipment with them and they work from different locations constantly. One night they might be at the hottest club opening before working a birthday party the next day. Before working as a mobile DJ, you’ll first need to obtain a license by registering as a small business. Read on to learn how to get a license to be a mobile DJ.

Decide on the type of shows you’ll be performing and where you’ll be performing your music shows and working as a DJ. If you’re working out of individual homes or if you only plan on only doing a few shows a year, you might not need a license. However if you work for a nightclub, you will need a license.

Visit the Small Business License website listed below and look for your state. This website lists all 50 states with information on the small business administration in each state. You’ll need to find the closest office to you to apply for a license.

Go to your nearest small business administrator and ask about obtaining a license. You can also ask any questions you might have about the process or how much you’ll need to pay upfront. If you need a tax identification number, you can also apply for one through the office.

Fill out the application using your proper information and being as honest as possible. The administration office will double check any information you give them, so you want to include as much information as possible.

Pay the small fee associated with obtaining a small business license and wait for your information to be mailed to you. Once the license arrives at your home, you can begin your mobile DJ business. You can also do a few shows prior to the license arriving, provided you make less than a specified amount in your state.


Not all states require you to have a small business license to operate as a mobile DJ. You’ll still need to record and document any money you make and pay taxes on that money at the end of the year. Obtaining a small business license can help you pay less taxes than you’d pay otherwise.

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