How to watch NASCAR free

Updated March 21, 2017

NASCAR is taking America by storm as one of the country’s premier spectator sports. Every year millions flock to the track to watch the high speeds and daring action NASCAR drivers pull off. The catch, however, is that these events cost a lot of money and frequently sell out, leaving fans to fend for themselves. However, there are ways to get around exorbitant prices.

Watch broadcast television for races. While not all the races are shown on network television, many are. And the best part about it is these are free to watch. Many of NASCAR’s biggest races, like the Daytona 500 are always on national television and are not hard to watch for free.

Visit a friend’s house who has cable for the races that are not broadcast on network television. Many of NASCAR’s best races are shown on cable networks that cost money to subscribe to. Hopefully, you have a friend and fellow NASCAR fan who will let you come over to watch the race for free.

Enter as many contests as you can. Many races offer contests and drawings for free tickets. Visit their websites and find out if they do. Also, many racing teams and sponsors also hold contests, visit their websites and do the same.

Seek out websites that offer free NASCAR telecasts through the computer. These websites take some searching but are out there. In many cases the feed they are giving you may be illegal, so do your homework before downloading anything suspicious.

Ask anyone who has you on their holiday or birthday shopping list for NASCAR tickets. Let loved ones know that it is your dream to not only see a race, but to watch all the action for free.

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