Instant Home Remedies for Water Retention

Written by constance barker
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Instant Home Remedies for Water Retention
Reduce water retention by drinking more water. (water in a glass image by weim from

Water retention occurs for different reasons. Medications or the fluctuation of hormones may cause water retention. Not drinking enough water allows our bodies to believe they need to retain water. Changes in our bodies such as pregnancy or illness may cause our bodies to hold onto water. Whatever the reason, remedies are available to combat and reduce water retention.


Massage swollen areas in the body such as the feet and ankles. Have a friend or partner push the skin upward and gently massage the area. Continue alternating the pushing and massaging for five to ten minutes. Pushing and massaging the affected area restores blood circulation, allowing the water to flow from the area.


The body retains water when it feels it is not getting enough, resulting in water retention. Drinking six to eight glasses of water daily helps the body realise it has an adequate water supply and releases the water from the body. Limit caffeinated beverages and opt for decaffeinated instead.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas help rid the body of excess water. Place 2 tsp of dried parsley into a mug of boiling water and allow to steep for two to three minutes. The parsley is a natural diuretic that keeps the body from retaining fluid.

Ice Packs

Ice packs decrease swelling and puffiness associated with water retention, allowing for better blood flow. Wrap an ice pack into a thin towel and place on the swollen area for five minutes. Massage the area after removing the ice pack to speed up blood flow to the area.

Limit Sodium

Watch food labels for the amount of sodium contained within them. Foods such as lunch meat and canned foods contain large amounts of sodium that can cause water retention. Use herbs in cooking and sprinkle foods with pepper instead of salt.

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