Ideas for Container Ponds

Written by hannah wahlig
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Ideas for Container Ponds
Create a backyard pond with pots and containers. (Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A backyard pond is a relaxing addition to your landscape, but the cost and time of instalment and maintenance deters some homeowners. Container ponds are a lower-cost and lower-maintenance option for people looking to avoid the hassle of keeping up a pond installation. Container ponds allow you to determine the size and placement of your pond, as well as the fauna and flora to adorn it without taking into account specific factors of your existing landscape that would influence a pond installation.

Pots and Containers

The type of container you choose for your container pond establishes the overall design theme or aesthetic of the pond. If you want a playful, colourful container pond, a large, solid plastic child's swimming pool adds an element of brightness and whimsy; either leave the pool on the surface of the ground or dig a shallow hole to create a more ground-level pond. For a more Old World Tuscan pond, opt for large terra cotta or ceramic pots clustered together in an area of your garden. Country gardens or more eclectic gardeners find use for a range of repurposed containers such as large glass Mason jars, old glass aquariums or garbage cans cut in half lengthwise. Choose a container that suits your garden style to create a cohesive backyard space.

Tropical Container Ponds

Even if you don't live in Fiji, you can create a small tropical paradise with a container pond. Tropical pond plants are colourful and distinctive, and most thrive in small container ponds where the temperature hovers around 21.1 degrees C most of the blooming season. Tropical water lilies in stark whites, dramatic blues or bright pinks add colour to your simple container pond. Delicate water lotus flowers require a bit more care, so beginner gardeners may struggle to establish the colourful blooms. Tropical plants don't do well in cooler temperatures, so when fall arrives transport your convenient container pond indoors, or transplant just the tropical flowers to a warmer indoor location until the following spring.

Rustic Container Ponds

If you want a container pond to blend into your existing landscape, take inspiration from the naturally occurring grasses, weeds and moss in your yard. Many water plants are hardy and require very little care since they have a consistent supply of water and they clean the water naturally. Lime green water lettuce and soft floating moss provide colour to the surface of the water, while taller plant varieties such as cattail add a vertical dimension to your pond. If you are considering adding fish to your pond, make sure that you provide at least 70 gallons of water and invest in a pump filtration system to filter out waste efficiently. Small snails or frogs are also options for adding fauna to your container pond, but keep a close eye on the health of your plants in case the animals begin feeding on them. If the water freezes in winter, move the living creatures to a deeper pond or indoors so they will survive the cold weather.

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