How to Write a Letter to a Mayor

Writing a letter to the mayor requires a lot of thought. There are many reasons to write a business letter to the mayor. You can write a letter of concern, a letter that offers suggestions or a letter of commendation for a city employee.

Decide on the specific purpose of your letter. A letter to your mayor should focus on one particular issue. If you write a letter that touches on multiple issues, your letter may be less effective.

Gather your facts. If you are writing to voice a concern, gather statistics or other information that will back up your concern. For letters of commendation, make sure that you have specific examples of the good that the employee has done. You may want to consider getting statements from other people who agree with your letter.

Plan your letter. You should write an outline of your letter. Make sure that it is in logical order. An unorganized letter may fail to get the attention you want it to get.

Write out your letter. This will be your rough draft. You should use a business letter format. In general, your letter should be as short and to the point as possible. Lengthy letters may be ignored or simply glanced over. This may cause your major points to be missed.

Edit your letter. Have someone else read your letter to look for problems with grammar, spelling and coherency.

Type out your letter. Make sure that you sign it and include your contact information. Proofread this copy. Make a copy of the letter for your records.

Mail the letter to your mayor. Written letters will get more attention than emails.

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