How to Make a Prank Call to a Friend

Making a prank call to a friend is a fun joke if it is done properly. Most prank calls happen during a sleep over or slumber party. April Fool's Day and Halloween are good days to make prank calls to a friend.

Pick a friend to prank call. You should pick someone with a good sense of humor who will find your call funny.

Decide on the prank. Remember that the prank call should be funny. Pranks that hurt people or make fun of people will seem mean instead of funny. Make sure that you use a new prank each time you make a prank call.

Rehearse the phone call. You have to disguise your voice so your friend won't recognize it.

Block your phone number when you call your friend. On most land line phones, you can dial *67 to block your number. Some people block private numbers from calling their phone. If this is the case for your friend's phone, consider going to a pay phone to make the call.

Make sure that you have the right phone number before you dial. Making prank phone calls is a crime. You have to make sure that it is your friend that you are calling so that no one gets offended or in trouble.

Say that you dialed the wrong number if someone other than your friend answers the phone. Hanging up the phone before you say anything is rude. By saying you dialed the wrong number, you seem polite and if you call later with a blocked number or from the same number, you are more likely to get an answer.

Tell your friend about the prank later if desired. Sometimes, a prank is fun to keep between those who pull the prank.


Never make any threats during a prank call. This is illegal and can get you into serious trouble. Don't prank call a business to order things to your friend's address. This is against the law.

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