How to Make a Tiki Hut

Inspired by the Pacific Islands and luaus, tiki huts are fun bars made out of bamboo and palm. You can make a tiki hut for your backyard and entertain friends in a Hawaiian style. You can build a few chairs to go along with the actual bar too. Then place some torches around your tiki hut for an evening event.

Get a table or moving bar first, since it will be your base to work with. You will be adding on the tiki hut decorations and building the bamboo roof.

Choose where you want to place the tiki hut before making it. Great places for your tiki bar are beside the pool or on a large patio. You can also set it on the grass, but it might get damaged when it rains.

Buy some light wood planks and some bamboo poles for the roof. Get some plywood sheeting so you can then attach silk leaves and thatching materials.

Attach the plywood material to the bamboo poles to make a roof and then cover the plywood material with silk leaves and palm tree leaves. You can decorate the roof anyway you like, but palm and silk seems to be most popular when building a tiki hut.

Get some lanterns, grass mats, party lights and anything else you want to decorate the bar part of your tiki hut. Make sure the bamboo poles are securely attached to the lower part of the bar. Try heavy duty string.

Start serving drinks to your friends and family!

Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo poles
  • Plywood material
  • Decorations
  • Silk or palm leaves
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